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The FrameWorks program is hiring! FrameWorks is seeking a social worker with experience in the foster care system to provide assistance to potential foster/adoptive families. Bachelor’s degree in social work or related field required. Send resume and cover letter describing experience and including references by March 31, 2016 to kthompson(at) or by mail to 168 Midland Trail, Suite 1, Hurricane, WV. Equal opportunity employer. To read the full job description, click here: FrameWorks Family Liaison Position 

Welcome to FrameWorks’ web space! FrameWorks is a Mission West Virginia program that finds families for children waiting in the foster care system. If you would like to receive an information packet in the mail, please fill out the following form at this link: ONLINE INFORMATION REQUEST FORM. Our office is in Putnam County in Hurricane, WV and we work state-wide to assist families who are interested in learning more about foster care and/or adoption. We also encourage you to give us a call if you have any questions. Our number is 866-CALL-MWV.

We believe that all children are adoptable and deserving of a permanent, loving family. Our efforts include recruiting families to foster/adopt, helping families to navigate the certification process and providing support to kinship caregivers. Additionally, we organize events thorughout the year to promote awareness of foster care, adoption and kinship care.


  • Host trainings focused on adoption and kinship care.
  • Provide kinship care information manuals.
  • Host a lending library of adoption material.


  • Work diligently with specific waiting children to find a family.
  • Facilitate matches between families and children.


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  • Provide neutral information and referrals to those interested in adoption or foster care.


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  • Partner with local businesses to promote adoption.
  • Partner with faith communities to promote adoption and foster care.
  • Organize community activities and special events focused on adoption awareness.

Public Speaking

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  • Organize professionals, adoptive families, kinship caregivers and children to speak at events.


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  • Provide assistance to relative caregiver support groups.
  • Provide mentors to families just beginning the adoption process.
  • Fundraise for special projects for children.